Airborne Re-enactment

Both pictures below were taken in June 2002 in England.

.30 Cal MG Team from D/505 moves out past misdropped 506 PIR Paratroopers from the 101st Airborne.

Mixed bag of 82nd and 101st regroup at a Normandy farmhouse. (Band of Brothers fans may recognise the farm as the one in the Normandy episode where Nixon arrives on a Sherman tank to meet Winters!)


If you want to do WWII US Airborne Re-enactment, go to D Company 505th PIR.

If you want to do WWII US Airborne Commemorative Parachuting, go to Commemorative Parachuting


A few photos from the Archives......

(All photos of D/505 from the mid-late 1990's)

D/505 and A/325 take a break in a Normandy wood.

D/505 take another break, this time in the ruins of Germany.

The bane of the life of D/505 - the 82nd MP Platoon!

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