Commemorative Parachuting

Commemorative Parachute Jump

Angoville-au-Plain, Normandy

5th June 2004


It is not every day that the Present Generation has a chance to honour those of the Greatest Generation.

As part of the commemorations in Normandy in June 2004 there were 3 airborne commemorative operations to honour the men of the Airborne Divisions that went in first. Our Team performed one of these jumps on the 5th June 2004 at 2030 hrs at the original 101st Airborne Division's DZ-D above Angoville-au-Plain (between Ste-Marie-du-Mont and St-Come-du-Mont), from an original WWII C-47 Skytrain, dressed exactly like the WWII Paratroopers.

The jumps were probably be the last opportunities for the Veterans that are still alive today to witness a re-creation of the deeds they performed when they were young. Hopefully we have honoured them in the most befitting way we know, remembering their sacrifice and continuing to serve the values they stood for.

Click here for a full report and photos of the Angoville-au-Plain jump.



If you would like to be put on the Jump Manifest for WWII US Airborne Commemorative Jumps in Europe (whether you are currently qualified, need refresher training, or wish to undertake training), then please contact Paul Karremans

Round Chute Jump Training Courses are run by Pathfinder, with regular courses held in Holland.


Best, Holland, September 1999

Groesbeek, Holland, September 1999

Sainte Mere Eglise, Normandy, France, June 2001

Angoville-au-Plain, Normandy, France, June 2004


Photos : After the jump at La Fiere DZ, June 2001



If you are also interested in WWII US Airborne re-enactment, please visit D Company 505th PIR.

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